Today I’m introducing a new regular monthly topic – a “column,” so to speak – the first Friday of each month, I’m hoping to share with you some of my current favorites. It might be movies or music, clothes or kitchen gadgets, sermons or blog posts; it might just be random things I’m loving at the moment! Whatever it is, hopefully you’ll find some new favorites, too!

{ Please note, I *might* be an affiliate for *some* of the companies whose products I recommend. If this is the case, your purchase through these links could earn me a modest commission, at *no* extra cost to you. Thanks for your support to keep this blog up and running! }

So today’s topic is going to be…..

Favorite Christmas Gifts!

I got some pretty wonderful gifts for Christmas this year. I could probably list all of them on this favorites list, but that seems a bit excessive, and kinda negates the spirit of favorites, right? So {with no intention to offend anyone who gave me a gift that isn’t listed here} here are a few great things I was blessed with on December 25th.

This super cool jacket. I love it. I actually don’t have it at the moment, because it was the wrong size {my fault; I mistook my measurements and asked for the wrong size}, but once I get the new one, I’m SO EXCITED to wear it and look ridiculously cool.






This mug with the famous quote from Barney Stinson: “It’s going to be legen- wait for it- dary!” I guiltily admit I’m a HIMYM fan. This mug makes me laugh every time I open my cupboard.






These amazing socks. They may appear normal, but they are sooooo soft and warm, I want to wear them every day.




A color-in planner. Y’all, I have very high ambitions to consistently utilize a planner this year. I’m hoping it keeps me more organized and on track with deadlines and events, especially during the busy summer season. It was cool to be able to color this one the way I liked. Mostly I’m excited to have a planner though!




A set of Pyrex food storage dishes. I’ve been hinting at wanting these all year! This is one of the healthy life changes I’m making – plastic is no good, especially when you’re working on hormone balance. Anyway, the set I got has mixing bowls with lids and a pie plate, in addition to storage containers. So great!




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