Recently I sat in on a seminar with probably a hundred other women, all of whom work in the same field as I do. We gathered to discuss not only issues directly related to our jobs, but things nearer to the heart, too – issues related to being a woman in this world today.

Prior to this session, many of us had completed a survey about what we’d like to hear addressed. As the speakers moved through the list of hot topics, is it any surprise that one of the first subjects that came up was friendship? More specifically… friendships with other women.

Why is this so hard, y’all? Having girlfriends who you can trust and be real with should be simple. But it’s definitely not. Girls can be so fake, shallow, judgmental, and just plain mean sometimes.

You’ve probably heard a girl say – or you’ve said yourself – “My best friends are guys” or “I just get along better with guys.” Have you asked yourself why that is?

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