Can you believe it’s about to be October?

Fall just isn’t the same here in Southeast Alaska as it is down south where I grew up – the gloriously colored trees of Tennessee aren’t really a thing here, and bonfires and hoodies have been happening all summer. October here is mostly rain, rain, and more rain.

But one of the things I’m excited about this coming month is the Write 31 Days challenge! This will be my first year participating. The idea is fairly simple: to challenge myself as a writer by writing on one topic for 31 consecutive days. In the process, hopefully the posts will be interesting to my readers, too.

What’s the topic I’ve chosen to write 31 posts on?

Here’s the title: “31 Longings of a Girl’s Heart”

I’m approaching this topic carefully, so as not to stereotype. I understand that individual women vary greatly, and I don’t intend to generalize by saying every woman simply wants a house and a husband, or to be the cliche “Proverbs 31 woman.” However, there are certain things that the majority of women, as a whole, tend to desire – because it’s how we are created {and yes, you can be certain that a house and husband will appear somewhere in that list!}. As much as we differ in our personalities, callings, interests, and goals, there are certain deep longings that we share in common… longings of a girl’s heart.

So here we go! Will you follow along with me? Feel free to subscribe to receive new posts by email, so you’re sure not to miss one! You can also bookmark this page, as I’ll keep a running list of links to each day’s post here.

Day 1: To Be Loved
Day 2: To Have Worth
Day 3: Role Models
Day 4: To Be the Princess
Day 5: Beauty
Day 6: To Be Seen
Day 7: A Hero
Day 8: Acceptance & Belonging
Day 9: Authenticity
Day 10: True Friendship
Day 11: To Be Desired
Day 12: Romance
Day 13: Commitment
Day 14: A Husband
Day 15: To Be Worth the Wait
Day 16: A Nest
Day 17: Security
Day 18: Children
Day 19: Purpose
Day 20: A Part in a Bigger Story
Day 21: Her Man to Lead Her
Day 22: To Create Beauty
Day 23: Connection
Day 24: A Space to Get Away
Day 25: To Be a Warrior
Day 26: Adventure & Travel
Day 27: To Nurture
Day 28: Chocolate
Day 29: Respect
Day 30: To Learn, Grow, Become
Day 31: Jesus

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