There’s just something about that name. The sweetest name I know.

You may not recognize that you long for Him, or admit that you need Him… but yes, my friend, you do. There is a Jesus-shaped hole in your heart and in mine that absolutely nothing else can fill.

You may have every other longing and desire satisfied, and seem to ‘have it all,’ but without Jesus, you will still feel empty – an unsettling discontent and vague longing for something that is missing.

Because without Him, everything else is meaningless.

But with Him…! Yes, with Jesus, you may have none of your other desires met, yet somehow still be satisfied and full of joy! Because in Christ, your every need is filled: in Him you can have worth, security, beauty, companionship, adventure, purpose, a Hero. And even more: salvation, freedom, glimpses of His glory, and eternity with Him.

This morning I was listening to a song by Shane & Shane, and this line grabbed my attention:

“Though tonight I’m crying out
Let this cup pass from me now,
You’re still all that I need.”
(Though You Slay Me)

Even through our pain, loss, and unmet longings, Jesus comes in, flows in to the very lowest point and fills us all the way up, every gaping hole and dark corner, and He is ultimate satisfaction. I need that… don’t you?

If you need Him, simply tell Him. He is listening intently, waiting, longing for you to come to Him. Whether you’re already a Christ-follower, or you used to call yourself a Christian but are no longer living like it, or you’ve never trusted God in your life – you can come to Him now, just as you are, and He will come lovingly to you.

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