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If you’ve ever been in one, you know….

Long distance relationships are TOUGH.

I get it; I’ve been there. I was in one relationship where we met online, ‘dated’ long distance for 3 months, and thought it really might be going somewhere…and then it all fell through when we actually met in person, because he wasn’t who he had portrayed himself to be.

My now-husband and I spent a portion of our relationship living across the country from each other, as well.

So I know that when you’re trying to maintain an intentional, God-honoring relationship while separated by miles and time zones, things can get tricky. Complicated. Mixed-up. Misunderstood. And just plain hard.

This week, I’ve teamed up with some sweet, lovely friends of mine to bring you a series of encouragement and advice in your long-distance relationship. Watch for a new post every day this week! These topics and more will be covered:

Dealing with loneliness 
Being honest despite distance
Preparing to meet face-to-face

and more! (some of my guest writers are still getting their drafts to me, so I haven’t even read them all yet… but the ones I’ve got so far are great and you’re gonna love them!)

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Happy Easter, friends. See you tomorrow with the first post in the series!


UPDATE! Here you can find all the posts in this series. Feel free to send the link to someone you know who might enjoy reading them!

Day 1: Openness Across Miles by Chelsea

Day 2: Don’t Eat the Poptart by Tessa

Day 3: Before You’re Face to Face Again by Reagan

Day 4: Lessons Learned in a Long Distance Marriage by Andria

Day 5: Lonely in a Crowded Room by Al


I would love to hear what you think of these ladies’ posts, so leave a comment!

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