I have a playlist on my phone that’s uncreatively titled: “Workout / Cleaning / Motivation.” It’s forty-six of my most upbeat, motivational songs to keep me pumped while I’m cleaning the house or exercising — anything from Lifehouse to Carrie Underwood to Katy Perry.

This morning, I decided I needed to step up my workout. See, I love exercising with yoga, because it’s gentle and relaxing, good for my body but I don’t have to sweat too much.

But also, I’ve gained a few pounds and had to go up a pant size in the last few months (thank you stressful job, camp food, and PCOS), and yoga a couple times a week is just not getting rid of it. It’s time to try something new.

So today, I ambitiously went for one of those Pinterest “awesome abs” workouts. You know, the ones where you do a thousand leg lifts, a million bicycle crunches, and a 5-minute plank between each thing? (I exaggerate, but you get the picture.)

At the end of the workout, I was lying in what yoga instructors graciously call savasana or “corpse pose,” which basically means you’re sprawled on your back on the floor in recovery mode.

And that’s when Mandisa’s “Overcomer” came blaring over my phone with its triumphant message:

You’re an overcomer!
Stay in the fight till the final round.

You’re not going under, 
‘Cause God is holding you right now!
You might be down for a moment, 
Feeling like it’s hopeless;
That’s when He reminds you-
You’re an overcomer! 

What a good song to end on. Crashed on the floor, eyes shut, sweaty, abs burning, I let my lips mouth the familiar words along with Mandisa, reminding myself of the truth:

It’s okay that I’m pooped out after a 15-minute ab workout. It’ll get better with practice.

It’s okay that I’m struggling to drop a simple 5 pounds. My husband still finds me lovely.

It’s okay that I’m frustrated with PCOS’s effects on my body. That doesn’t define me.

It’s okay to sometimes not be okay.

AND it’s okay to rock a 15-minute Pinterest workout with your house-cleaning playlist and feel good that you did it!

I’m an overcomer!

With that truth in my mind, I got up – letting the motivational playlist keep playing -cleaned up, drank some water, and continued on my day.

( Then Kelly Clarkson’s “Stronger” came on, and I got a new burst of energy and a second mini-workout because seriously, I cannot NOT dance when that song is on. )

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