Does this title bring a certain song to mind for anyone else?

R-E-S-P-E-C-T, find out what it means to me…

Sorry for getting that stuck in your head! Trust me, it’ll be stuck in mine now, too.

It might seem trivial, but this really is something women want. In a world where we are often treated as weaker, dumber, and less-than our male counterparts – and sometimes even view ourselves that way – we really just want to be respected as a person. 

We want to be taken seriously.

We want to have our thoughts, ideas, and contributions seen as valuable.

We want to not be ‘brushed off’ just because we’re female.

Ladies, I think we have to be careful to balance this desire, to be careful not to let it become something prideful, arrogant, and “I deserve respect!” We do have to remember our Jesus, and our place as humanity, called to be a light and example in this world for our Holy God. We are not called to demand respect, but to be humble and gracious even when disrespected. 

That being said, I also want to validate your soul’s cry for fair treatment, to be seen as a valuable member of your workplace, of your community, of society. Because you are. You are a woman, created in God’s image, given great worth because of Him, and not a smidgen less worthy of respect than anyone else.

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