Last night, I put my baby sister – who is almost 16 – on an airplane headed back home to Tennessee. She spent eleven days here with my husband and me at our home in Alaska, her first solo visit! It was priceless… great memories, some Alaskan adventuring, and lots of fun!

My sister and me in front of the Mendenhall Glacier

Being the oldest of four girls in my family and the only one to live out of state (and not just out of state but 4000 miles away!), I miss my sisters soooo much. It was so fun to reconnect with this one this past week. Maybe one day all three of them will come up and we’ll have a Sister Reunion in the snow 😉


Yesterday our pastor preached on the first few verses of Ephesians 5, on “imitating God.” I loved how he compared it to a little child, trying to walk in her daddy’s shoes. You’ve seen a little one do that before, right? Maybe you remembering doing it as a child yourself. She puts her feet into those big, cumbersome shoes, stands up tall, and tries to walk like daddy. This is us trying to be imitators of God. The shoes are impossible to fill. Our steps are clumsy and we might trip over our own big feet. But you know what? Our Father loves that we try. It makes Him smile. “Be imitators of God, as dearly loved children” (Ephesians 5:1). 


And finally, I want to tell you about an upcoming event for those of you ladies who are trying {and struggling} to have children…. it’s the first annual Moms in the Making Conference! I’ve been following Caroline’s blog as well as her Facebook page for several months, and she’s just recently announced that she’s hosting this first-ever conference in October. I know it’ll be wonderful time of encouragement and fellowship for ladies who are all on similar journeys.

#momsinthemaking #hoperenewed2017

If this is something that interests you, definitely check out the Facebook page linked above for more info on the conference!

Have a lovely night, ladies – much love!


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