Almost any girl will tell you that, at some time or other, she has felt




Sometimes by society in general, and other times by the people she loves and needs, she feels completely unnoticed and unseen. Does anyone actually care?

Beth Moore, in her book about Esther, writes about our “insatiable need to be noticed.” I had to laugh a little when I read that, relieved to know I’m not the only one! You, too? Let me assure you, you’re not alone. We as women share this longing, this need for someone to see us, notice us, affirm and approve us. Like somehow we need their blessing; like somehow they help to confirm our identity and our worth.

But what do we do with this need?

We need to understand that we are always, continuously, nonstop, 100% of the time seen by GodAnd unlike any person on earth, this is where we can draw our security and identity from. This is the satisfaction of our need to be noticed. He sees me.

All of me. The depths of me.

And His depth-seeing, outrageously-loving, gently probing, kind, beautiful eyes are better than the notice of any eyes in this world.

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