Back in the late 90’s when Rebecca St. James was one of the popular Christian rock artists, she had a song called “Wait for Me,” written and sung to her then-unknown future husband:

Darling, did you know that I, I dream about you,
Waiting for the look in your eyes
When we meet for the first time?
And darling, did you know that I, I pray about you,
Praying that you will hold on-

Keep your loving eyes only for me.

‘Cause I am waiting for, praying for you, darling;
Wait for me, too.
Wait for me as I wait for you;
Darling, wait.

(full lyrics)
(super cheesy 90’s music video)

As Christian young adults, we are encouraged, urged, and charged to stay sexually pure while single. Purity rings and “True Love Waits” conferences were hugely popular among the church crowd when I was a teenager, though I hear much less about both these days. The decision to “wait” is a big one, when not many others are choosing that path. The call to “wait” is hard…really hard. But despite the fact that the majority succumb to the cravings of the flesh, there are those young adults who make the hard choice – the choice to physically, emotionally, and sexually wait for their future spouse.

And when a girl is has made that commitment, and is making the effort to stay true to it… she longs to know that her future husband is doing the same.

As she is choosing to love someone she may not even know yet by putting to death the desires of her flesh, she hopes that he is loving her enough to do the same.

She wants to be worth the wait.

Now the reality is – with statistics showing that only 3% or 1-in-30 Americans are virgins when they get married – chances are high that you or the person you marry has a history of some type of sexual sin. Hopefully, we are all repenting before the Lord of any sin in our lives, ready to move forward and “sin no more” (John 8:11).

So when I talk about living in purity and committing to wait for your future spouse, I mean from here forward. No matter what’s in your past. Today, you can make the commitment to give your body and heart to no one else but your husband.

And pray that he does the same. You can’t guarantee that he will be one of the 3% who waits for his wedding night. But you can pray for his strength, his holiness, his courage to do the right thing. You can pray that he leaves his sin behind and moves forward in commitment to love you and wait for you, his future wife.

Because you are worth the wait. And marriage, with its pure, unashamed love, is worth the wait. So even though it’s hard…wait.

Wait for Me journal, Reflections for my Future Husband



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