What does it mean to create beauty? In an early post in this series, I wrote about how beauty is essential to a woman – it is part of the fabric of her being, and one of the greatest ways she brings the image of God into the world.

Beauty. It’s powerful.

On the heels of the longing to be beautiful, is the urge to create beauty.

Does this mean to be a successful woman, you have to be creatively talented? Nope. It doesn’t.

photo-1422246358533-95dcd3d48961Creating beauty could be anything that brings light, joy, and beauty to your world – painting, making music, photography, organization, coffee creamer art, a decorated home, flowers on the table, sewing, writing, your fashion choices, gardening, woodworking, a colorful spread of food for your family or guests, your children’s drawings displayed in frames…

How do you love creating or displaying beauty in the world around you?

I’ve been reading through A Million Little Ways by Emily Freeman, and it has altered my view of bringing art and beauty to my world:

Those who have been gifted with the skill of a painter or a singer or a world-class dancer are living images, life testimonies, witnesses to the transforming power of art. They reflect the glory of God…we respect and admire the art coming out of them. 

But that doesn’t mean you must be able to paint, dance, or play the piano in order to share something of yourself, too. What if you are the banker, the accountant, the mother, the waiter? What about the art of your soul? Is what you do simply a necessary job? photo-1436565186922-96047f7814d7

We all bear the image of a creative God. Maybe you make paintings, or maybe you make pie.
Art is what happens when you dare to be who you really are
. When we live free, we are able to give freedom. When we live loved, we are able to give love. When we are secure, we are able to offer security. God reveals Himself through every artist, and the artist is you. 


Note: I have an upcoming post in the works highlighting some of my super-creative friends who make their livelihood by creating beauty… and there might be a giveaway involved! Subscribe so you don’t miss it! 🙂

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