A woman’s heart longs to know that she has worth – that she’s valued for who she is as a person.

As ladies, we’re often mixed-up about where our worth comes from, aren’t we? The society and media around us tell us that we’re valued for our clear skin, our clothing choices, our careers and the money we make, our relationship status, how many kids we have, or how many things we can DIY in a week. If and when we fail to measure up to other people’s success or to our own expectations, we feel…. worthless

“To other people’s success…” Too often, we determine our own worth by comparing ourselves to other women, don’t we? She can cook a gourmet meal. She has a husband. She’s thinner, or more athletic, or has prettier hair. Maybe she’s all of the above, and in her shadow, we feel like less of a woman. Why do we compare ourselves like this?

This isn’t where our value comes from. 

Unfortunately, sometimes even the people we love – the people we seek affirmation from the most – can make us feel devalued. A conflict with a spouse, a rejection, a break-up, a misunderstanding, can all lead us to wonder if we are worth loving. 

In Proverbs, the word of God says:

An excellent [woman], who can find? For her worth is far above jewels. Proverbs 31:10

The word excellent in this verse is the Hebrew word chayil, which can also be translated

photo by Ashley Kilmer
  • able
  • full
  • strong
  • valiant
  • warrior
  • worthy

Those are some powerful words for describing an ideal wife, which is the topic of this passage. It reminds me that being a worthy woman involves much more than being able to cook and sew. It reminds me that my worth doesn’t come from my relationship status or how pretty my house is.

The LORD ascribes a far-above-jewels value to a lady who is obviously full of His Spirit: a lady who is strong of heart, courageous, and a warrior for Him. Excellent and virtuous. 

In the end, our value comes from Jesus Christ, our Savior who gave us His righteousness. Only in Him can we be found worthy…  and learn to be confident in that truth.

2 thoughts on “To Have Worth {longings of a girl’s heart}

  1. Oh my goodness. YES to THIS!!!! Rejection makes me feel so unloved. Even accidental rejection, or what I convince myself is rejection. It can deeply rob of us of our joy… when we feel like we are not enough. Thank you for posting this.

    1. Summer, yes! Me too! I hate that feeling of unworthiness that comes from rejection. We constantly have to tell ourselves God’s truth to counteract those lies. Thanks for visiting!!

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