For 2017, one of my big goals is to consistently use a planner. I’m mainly going to need this organizational skill over the camp season when life, work, and ministry are busy busy busy and full of deadlines. That starts up in May, but I’m trying to get into the habit already, in this slightly-less-busy season, so that by the time camp season rolls around, planner-ing will be a habit!

For now I’m just making sure to meticulously write in my appointments and deadlines each week, helping me keep tracking of everything, but mostly, building the habit for when I’ll really need it.


But besides the practicality of keeping track of dates and such, there’s another fun thing I’m using my planner for this year! {thanks to all the bullet-journalers on Pinterest for this inspiration}

My planner has a two-page spread at the front that has a small space for every day of the year – months across the top, numbers down the side, graph style. I’m not sure if this page is designed for a particular function, but I imagine it could have multiple uses.

I chose to use this spread to track my year in words and colors. At the end of every day, I’m choosing one word that kind of reflects how my day went, how I was feeling, what I was focused on – one word to summarize the day.

Then I choose a color to write that word in. My friend Reagan always asks people, “What color is your heart?” It’s simply her unique way of asking “how are you?” but it urges the other person to think more deeply about not only how they are feeling, but what color represents those feelings.

In that spirit, I choose a color from my colored pen set that I feel corresponds to my word of the day, and write in my word in the appropriate space.


It’s a simple exercise, but it requires diligence, intention, and thought. And at the end of the year, I’ll have a very full, very colorful page of words representing what 2017 was like for me.

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