Goals for the new year… New Year’s resolutions… do those statements make you cringe? Or do they get you excited and motivated? Are you a person who enjoys setting goals for the coming weeks and months? Or have you given up on resolutions as useless?

I’ve always liked to write out some ambitions for a new year. Within the last few years, my goals have gotten deeper and more extensive, as I’ve begun to hone in on specific areas of my life I want to grow in. Much of the inspiration behind this was a talk I heard from Dr Tim Elmore, on his practice of identifying five key areas to grow in each year. I’ve found it very helpful to divide my goals into categories, giving more clarity and organization to the specific things I want to focus on.

So today, I want to share a few of my goals with you. I’m doing this for a couple of reasons:

  1. For your inspiration and encouragement. Maybe something I’m aiming for this year will spark a thought in you, and inspire you to set a similar goal. Perhaps this list in itself will motivate you to start praying about what areas you’d like to grow in this year.
  2. So you can pray for me and hold me accountable. I’m making these goals public here, so they’re fair game. Don’t be afraid to ask me in a few weeks or months, how I’m doing on specific areas.


Spiritual Growth

  • Daily time with God, but not the same ol’ thing for the sake of checking off a box – exploring what fills me spiritually and what draws me to His presence.
  • Lead a small group Bible study (at some point during the year)
  • Reading List:

Physical Health

  • Eat a diet of healthy moderation, specifically for PCOS (if you’re a cyster and want to know what diet strategy I’m focusing on, just ask me!)
  • Exercise regularly with yoga 3x a week and plenty of walking
  • In general, focus less on the physical body (ie, less obsession with diet, PCOS, etc)


  • Be engaged in conversation with people, focusing on them and not on myself
  • Develop more female friendships at church and in the community
  • Have people over to our home more often
  • Invest into younger women – including improving in my mentor/mentee role at camp and building better relationships with the summer counselors


  • Pray together more often
  • Keep monthly date nights, even in the summer camp season
  • Learn how to speak my husband’s love language
  • Be open when I’m hurt, instead of shutting him out

Blog & Writing

  • Two new posts per week
  • Increase weekly/monthly views and increase subscribers
  • Guest post on another blog 2x
  • Have a guest poster here 2x
  • Work on my fiction writing
  • Generate income from the blog, but stay ministry-focused


I also have a “work” category, but the goals there are very specific to my job, so I won’t bore you with those details 🙂 But there you have it – at least a sampling of the things I’m committing to work toward in 2017.

To keep myself even more organized and focused, I divided some of these goals into time frames, specifically quarters of the year. This is, of course, a work in progress – I’ll add to each quarter as we approach it in the calendar.



Inspired by this graphic I found on Etsy, I improvised and created a fun layout for monthly goals, too. Check it out:


Does this inspire you, or make you want to run and hide?
Do you usually set resolutions for the new year?
What are some specific goals you have or areas you’d like to grow in for 2017?
Is there anything on my goal list you’d like to know more about? 

Comment below and tell me your thoughts!

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